Top 5 MMB Dream Xmas Gifts

It's that time of year to get those gift lists into Santa. He will be coming before you know it, and he doesn't want milk and cookies this year. Leave the big man in red a beautiful ribeye steak to fill that belly and keep him warm. So let's get this chimney started and turn up the heat with the top five dream MMB gifts of the season!

Number 5 A Brine Injector 

Something that every barbecue cook needs to have, yet most don't.  Injecting your meat will moisten it as well as add tons of juicy, mouth-watering flavor. Do a little bit more this season and get a Brine Injector. Not only will you be happy, but so will everyone else once they taste your food.






Sometimes people overlook how important it is to have a good carving or knife set. Make this year's smoked turkey carving super easy with some killer tools. Why not think sharp this Christmas and check out  Shun Knives. You won't be sorry.




Number 3. waygu beef

Let's think outside the box with this one. How amazing does a nice cut of Waygu beef sound for dinner? If you don't know where to get some, try online sites or your local butcher shop. (Personally I would go to your local butcher shop.) Either they will carry it or be able to order it for you. Spare no expense when getting this lovely cut of meat. You and your taste buds will thank you once it comes off that grill. 








I know, I know. Every grill comes with a thermometer, and you would think that is enough, but it's not. For better temperature accuracy, this awesome thermometer will get the job done with ease. So check out ThermoWorks for all your thermometer needs. This Christmas make sure you get the right temp with the right gift.  













Number 1. Big Green Egg Mini Max

BGE put their Mini Max out just in time for the Christmas season. Although little, this super powerful cooker would look amazing under any BBQ Pit Master's tree. So don't hold back. Give yourself the best gift of the year, a Big Green Egg Mini Max. The Mini Max is perfect if you like to camp and/or tailgate. This will bring them happiness for years to come. This Egg will hold one whole chicken, or a 12 pound turkey. It really can pack a big punch for any occasion you can dream of. For more info go to Big Green Egg




I think that wraps up this year's ideas for presents. We hope you all were good boys and girls this year so you can get some amazing BBQ gifts! And remember… Tis always the season for grilling. Happy Holidays from MMB!