Top 5 under a $100 gift ideas

Looking to not break the bank this holiday season, but still want some killer new BBQ tools? MMB is here to help. This Christmas, get a gift you will actually want to use, without buying a new pit or another cook book you won't read. Below are our top five gifts ideas that we have put together for you, all under $100.

Number 5. The Man-law Meat Thermometer with glow in the dark dial for $10.99

This thermometer gives you all of the readings that you'll need to get every single meat cooked just right. It also has a great boil test mark, which helps you set the thermometer's accuracy and keeps you going at the right temp. All in all, this is the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer. 









The Weber rib rack is a great gift for anyone that loves smoking ribs. It helps hold your ribs on the grill and allows the smoke to penetrate them. Plus you typically can cook more racks since you're stacking them. It promotes an even cook and works well with any pit master.








Number 3 Cowboy lump 13.99

Maybe you haven't been so nice this year? Santa would give you coal, but Lump charcoal is really the only way to go. It burns hotter and cleaner than briquettes. Cowboy Brand lumps tend to be larger than other brands. Haven't tried 100% hardwood lump charcoal yet? Get a bag of Cowboy Brand lump charcoal and see the differences. 










Number 2 Pit Mitt The Ultimate BBQ Mitt 19.99 each

Are you still using mitts? It's time to step the game up and switch to gloves. With these gloves you're able to move every finger, which is important. The Pit Mitt can with stand very high heat levels allowing you to move hot ideas around easily. So this year choose Pit Mitts over normally mitts. 









Number 1 Man-Law MAN-H1 Heavy Duty 5-Piece Premium Wood Handle Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set $79.99

It's essential to every pit master to have a tool set to use when BBQing. Why not upgrade to Man-Law this year? This tool set is sturdy, strong, looks cool and also works well with any barbecue. Although this gift is a little more pricey, Man-Law puts out high quality products that will last a long time.