BBQ doesn't have a season, but Chicago does.

I'm the wife of a pit master. So if he wants to bbq, it will happen no matter what, 365 days a year. Not saying that's a bad thing, bbq makes everything taste better. However, not everyone can have the perfect weather or an optimal grilling spot. We are from Chicago. We have seasons, and the polar vortex will happen at any moment. Not everyone can go fire the weber and walk back inside to keep warm. Our grill is in a condo common area, so we are outside the whole time. Here are a few things I will share that may help if you really want to grill in the winter (which you should) and are in the same situation.

LAYERS!! This is the most obvious of tips, I know. Hopefully you already have a warm coat, and if you don't then go buy one. Double up on everything else. Socks, pants, shirts, the more the better! A pair of boots, gloves, scarf, hat. If you leave the home looking like Ralphie in Christmas Story, then you are good to go.

Beverages. Bbq and drinking go hand in hand. Someone once told me that in Germany, the people will drink cold drinks in winter to lower their body temperature, therefore wouldn't feel as cold. Not sure if this is true, but if you believe it then grab a cool coors light and cheers! As for me, I prefer a warmer beverage, and it gives me an excuse to experiment! Try an Irish coffee, cider with cinnamon whiskey, hot tatty, mulled wine, or spice up a hot chocolate. Any of these can warm you up on a cold winter night.

Music. It's amazing to me how a good time can make you completely forget about the cold. It doesn't matter what type of music you listen to regularly, bbq is a party. We like AM taxi pandora, but our friend's go-to is 2chainz. Put on an upbeat tune to sing or dance to, and you'll stay warm for the night.

Friends and fire. I'm putting these things into one, because they're pretty self explanatory and not necessarily needed. Naturally, setting up a campfire if possible is the best way to keep warm when outside. And as for friends, things never seem too bad when you're in good company.

I will never pass up a chance to bbq. Damn weather can't bring me down! We have smoked a brisket on New Year's Eve, made pub burgers in -40 degree weather, and cooked drumsticks in a snowstorm. This goes to show you, grilling isn't just for summer get-togethers. But if you're reading MMB then you should already know that. I hope this blog helps and we would love to hear feedback if you have ideas of your own!