Bombs away for Bombers barbecue.

Bombers barbecue is located in Munster, Indiana just a short drive from Chicago. While visiting, we were told of a BBQ place that cannot be passed up. What first brought us to Munster was none other than the famous Three Floyds brewery. Bombers is what will bring me back.

I embarked on my Bombers journey with some of my closest friends for a birthday. I won't talk about that, it's not important, but going with others did allowed me to try a lot more barbecue than if I went by myself. Normally when I try a barbecue place I go straight for the brisket. It's a great test to see how experienced the pit masters are. This time was a little bit different for Amanda was ordering the brisket. Thus I was free to order the pulled pork. My other friends ordered more brisket and pulled pork, as well as burnt ends. The only things we missed out on were the ribs and chicken. Looking back, I wish I had ordered them too. The ribs looked delicious and I am sad that I missed that taste. But at least I have an excuse to return! I didn't get to see the chicken, but if it's anything like their other food, it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

The pulled pork had a great smoky flavor that paired well with their bomber BBQ sauce. The sauce wasn't really needed since the pork was that juicy and sweet. It's simply there to accompany that smoke flavor. As a side, I got the curly fries and oh my God! They were delicious. The crunch of those fries undoubtedly added to my meal and my experience. After eating about half of my pulled pork sandwich, I then started trying what my friends had ordered. I had the burnt ends and I also ate some of Amanda's brisket. The burnt ends were like black gold. They melted in your mouth and the taste was out of this world. The brisket survived the pull test, pulling away nicely and tasted excellent. Like most commendable barbecue restaurants, Bombers is no different. They serve food till they're sold out, and once they're out it's closed for the day. If you want to try Bombers you better get there when they open. The food is exceptional and goes quickly. Bombers also does catering at a very reasonable price, if just one sandwich isn't enough for you.

We walked out of the restaurant at about 12:20 PM on a Saturday, only an hour and 20 mins after they had opened. The entire time the store was packed. Line out the door, tables full... We had to sit on the sidewalk to eat! While leaving, a local lady stopped me to ask if they were sold out already, as they usually are by then. For a barbecue place being just over a year old, this place really has a good thing going. I will not only go back to Bombers but I will also recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Munster, Indiana or in the surrounding area. The trip is worth it, trust me. The staff was super friendly and really easy-going, helping with the quicker ordering process without rushing us. The guys behind the line cutting your meat were also super friendly, giving us a good laugh and genuine conversation. Bombers smokes with Apple, Cherry and Hickory wood, which is also available for purchase in their store. They do not have a website but can be found at If you haven't been the Bombers yet, I would definitely put it on your BBQ bucket list.

Bombers BBQ also has a great selection of craft beer to wash all of the food down. Or to put out the fire you may get in your mouth with their hotter sauces. I know that a lot of places have a fire sauce, but most don't make you sign a waver just to try it. Bombers has a side bar just for their sauces, which like I said isn't needed, but I wouldn't pass it up either. Each housemade sauce is designed to suit any taste bud, and compliment all of their meats.  


I give Bombers a 5 out of 5. It really was some of the best BBQ I have ever had.