Steak, A cut above the rest.

Steak. We all love it. Most of us can't get enough of it. So MMB is going to talk about some of the cuts that we like best. Although there are many different cuts we could break down, that's for another blog. We just want to talk about the best ones to throw on the grill. Let's dive right in. 

Start with the Porterhouse. This is a classic steak house steak that has two great cuts in it. It consists of the strip steak and filet mignon, separated by a bone. We consider this the super hero of steaks.

Next is the T-bone cut. Yes, it looks a lot like the Porterhouse, but don't mistake it to be the same thing. It's very close to being the same cut. Except the fact that the T-bone's filet cut is not as big as it is on the Porterhouse. This steak comes from farther forward on the cow, which in turn cuts the size of the filet. 

Filet Mignon. The super soft and pricey cut of meat. Nothing will beat it's tenderness and the taste is so great it doesn't need more than salt and pepper. MMB uses this steak for special parties. If you're getting this nice of a cut, you must really like the person your giving it to. 

The New York Strip. What a great cut of meat. It's super lean and has a nice firm texture. A NY strip is packed with great flavor and is a perfect go-to, every night steak. This cut isn't super pricey and can be found on sale a lot of the time. 

And the Rib Eye, MMB's favorite cut of steak. Some people pass this steak up because of the internal fat that's on the cut. This is the main reason we pick it to be our favorite. That fat melts into the meat and makes it a super juicy and flavorful steak. There is also a Rib Eye with the bone-in. The biggest difference is clearly the bone, which does add some flavor to the steak but is not always needed. 

We hope that the next time you're at the butcher shop you pick the right cut for you. And remember salt and pepper is really all you need for a good steak. Don't over think it, just season well and sear nicely. Let it rest a few minutes before cutting into the joys of that is a steak. With MMB, steak night will never be the same.