BBQ Life 12

BBQ Life 12

Insta rant 

So this post is gonna be less about BBQ and more about social media. With this blog I have tried to talk and show more about the lifestyle aspect of BBQ then the things like recipes. For those that follow my Instagram you have probably seen that very rarely do I repost someone's pictures. 

Currently there is what I believe is an epidemic of repost accounts. To make matters worse many of them are creating monetary value from these accounts. Now this is not against sharing your friends post because it's cool or to help promote a friend or something along that nature. 

Now I do not post my photos onto Instagram to try to make money. If I somehow did I would not complain but it is not my reason. I post in order to share my BBQ journey. I enjoy the feedback I get and all the help and information I have received. I have also have meet some amazing people like Mikey here at Man Meat BBQ. 

If you are on social media to make a living that is great and I wish you the best of luck. I have no qualms against that my problem is with these accounts that do nothing but repost other people's pictures. We have all seen the photos like the giant piece of brisket bending around someone's hand.  I am happy for whoever posted the original photos that so many liked them but now it seems like once a month that pic pops up again. 

The BBQ Instagram world is not the only case of this in fact there is a huge push from the comedy world to unfollow the account @fuckjerry because of the amount of stolen material that they post. To these comedians their material is there way of life. At least for myself I do not rely on my Instagram for my financial needs. These repost accounts also do very bad jobs at giving credit to the account that originally posted photo, many burying the credit down after hashtags which most people never read.

Now if you tag someone that says they will repost you and they credit you properly I am not gonna get mad at that either. You chose to take that person or company. But we have all seen the same beef rib get sliced over and over but does anyone know who originally posted it? It was from the boys from up North at Adamson Barbecue they are making some killer que up there but how many people repost there pics with captions like “who's gonna help you finish this” and again bury the credit under piles of hashtags. 

Basically the reason for this little rant is I am sick of seeing the exact same picture posted a dozen times by accounts that have never once posted something they cooked or at least went and purchased from a BBQ restaurant. I want to see what “YOU” cook not what @zilla_pit_bbq posted last week. Because guess what I saw it when he posted and he took the time to actually COOK the food.

Thank you for your time I will get off my soapbox. To all my fellow firemakers and foodies keep posting your stuff we love to see it. #cowboyup and #keepsmoking 

Cowboy Kev