What side are you on?

Its a BBQ battle as old as time. Yellow Mustard VS. Olive Oil. Well it's not really a battle but more of a personal preference. So the real question is which one do you choose? Is one better than the next? Does it even matter? Why? 

The answer is simple. Every BBQ chef has his own view on it and his own go-to when it comes to yellow mustard or olive oil. Some people use neither. MMB uses olive oil as a pre rub, for it holds the rub just as well plus it's more versatile in my cooking. Olive oil is used as more than just a pre rub, we use it to keep our veggies from burning and sticking to the grates. Olive oil doesn't add any flavor to your meat or help with color. And we want the rub and the meat to speak for itself.  

However, yellow mustard works well on big pieces of meat, but falls short when it comes to steaks or pork chops. Personally, I would never put it on my steak to help hold the seasoning on it. Some of my friends like using mustard for bigger meats, for example pork butt or brisket. Also, I do think that olive oil is a bit cleaner and easier to use. MMB views yellow mustard to be a little bit messier than olive oil. As far as flavor, people believe mustard adds to the meat, but I don't think that is true.

Is there even a difference since both don't add or take away from the food? The answer is no. Some may say that mustard helps you get a better bark or a deep, nicer color on your meat. I find this is incorrect. I have been able to get the same bark using olive oil as opposed to mustard. They are both super close in my book, but at the end of the day MMB still chooses olive oil. 

If you're reading this blog for me to tell you which one is better than the other, I can't on this one. It's simply a personal choice on which one to use and which one you like. So the best thing I can tell you is try both and use the one you like best. Experiment! Don't forget it's BBQ. If it tastes good you're doing it right, and the more you cook the better you'll get. True BBQ takes 3 things: Time, Smoke and Love.