How MMB got it’s name.

Man. Meat. BBQ. Some of the greatest things in existence. How did we get our name? What does it mean? What are we doing here? MMB is a Chicago based blog for the most experienced of pit masters, to those of you who may only grill for special occasions. We aren't here to judge. We are here to celebrate food cooked over an open flame, which is better than any other kind of food. Anyway! let's break down our name and talk about these wonders of the world.

Man. This is you. It doesn’t matter if you’re male/female, tall/short, thick/thin. You have a fire in your heart that burns for BBQ. And it doesn’t matter if that fire is a small match-light coal (never use this stuff), or if you have the full chimney going. You have that Carnal instinct that craves a good smoked meat. You don't wear cologne. You don the scent of hickory. And we are here for you, because of you.

Meat. Ah yes, the protein that fuels our lives. There's a reason for the term "Holy Cow!" Meat is godly. Want a few reasons to not be a vegetarian? Pig, cow, chicken, duck, wild game. I don't know about you but my mouth is salivating just thinking about it. If meat is a painting, smoked meat is the Mona Lisa.

BBQ. An art so old yet so evolved. Millions of years ago when caveman roamed the earth, one genius of his time created fire. This fire set forth a revolution… a food revolution. Fast forward some time to when yet another genius decided to put meat on this fire to cook. And I believe that is how BBQ came to be. Of course now there are many methods and tools to help us, but none the less it is still BBQ.

So there you have it. All that's missing is a cold brew. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about beer. It will be talked about. And it will be drank. Cheers to BBQ!

We aren't trying to change you. We won't pull a Mixon and say everything you know is wrong. Our blog will feature tips, tricks, recipes, and much more about the bbq world. All we can hope is you enjoy what you're reading and learn your own style from it.