Smoldering fires. Smoked meats. Tender, flavorful experiences. ‘Melt-in-your-mouth’ perfection. This is the true essence of barbecue and a heritage we are proud to be a part of here at Man Meat BBQ.

We are a Chicago based food blog/podcast that has been designed solely to bring people from all walks of life together in the celebration of the joys of cooking over an open flame; that mouthwatering smokey flavor our holy grail. Man Meat BBQ offers barbecue and grilling tips to everyone from the most seasoned pit masters to someone who has just bought their first Smokie Joe Weber, and is looking for the right place to start their barbecue journey. Anyone who wants to learn will find what they are looking for here at MMB.

Unlike most traditional ventures, at MMB we do not believe in seasonal barbecue. We   pride ourselves on sharing the smokey joys of good barbecue all year round. Wind, snow or hail: our smoke pits are always burning.

We hope you all enjoy our blogs and podcasts.

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